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Supreme Court gives Birmingham City Council workers the green light to proceed with compensation claims.

 1st Nov 2012

The UK Supreme Court has recently issued a landmark judgement in the case of Birmingham City Council v Abdulla and others. The case, brought by 174 mainly female ex Birmingham City Council workers, ha…

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George Osborne delivers £1 million pound payout in compensation to homeowners

 22nd Jun 2012

583 Homeowners living in rural Knutsford and Mobberly have been awarded £1 million compensation from The Manchester Airport Group after claiming damages for the noise, pollution and loss in valu…

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Who should be so lucky in law?

 7th Feb 2012

A potential problem with negligence law is that two individuals may be injured in the exact same way yet only one of them may have actually been wronged so as to be the successful subject of a neglige…

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Ban cosmetic surgery advertising

 1st Feb 2012

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has published a six point plan aimed to show how steps may be taken to improve the regulation of the cosmetic industry. Following the recent conce…

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EU offers 210 million Euros to farmers following E-Coli outbreak

 12th Sep 2011

The EU Farm Commissioner has offered to pay out 210 million Euros in compensation to farmers across Europe who made substantial losses during the recent E-Coli outbreak in the German City of Hamburg.…

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Drug trial victims are awarded compensation.

 15th Aug 2011

The leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer has begun to pay compensation settlements to families in Nigeria who were affected in an experimental drugs trial in 1996. The anti-meningitis drug Trovan was…

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