EU offers 210 million Euros to farmers following E-Coli outbreak

 Sep 12, 2011

The EU Farm Commissioner has offered to pay out 210 million Euros in compensation to farmers across Europe who made substantial losses during the recent E-Coli outbreak in the German City of Hamburg. It is estimated that the actual losses of those affected may total to 417 million euros per week. Lobbyists have argued for the full recovery of lost profits and are questioning the alleged disorganisation in locating and investigating the source of the outbreak which has so far claimed 26 lives and infected 2,400 individuals. Although recovery of pure economic losses is highly constricted in the UK it is right that businesses should be recompensed for such disruption, to what would have been their busiest season for exports. It is hoped that those injured individuals and dependants of bereaved who later chose to pursue claims wll not be dismissed as mere free-riders of any so-called compensation culture.

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