George Osborne delivers £1 million pound payout in compensation to homeowners

 Jun 22, 2012

583 Homeowners living in rural Knutsford and Mobberly have been awarded £1 million compensation from The Manchester Airport Group after claiming damages for the noise, pollution and loss in value of their homes, since the building of a second runway at Manchester Airport in 2001.

The payment, delivered by Tatton MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and applauded by him as a 'good outcome,' comes after more than a decade of campaigning by local citizens and businesses and will be directed to individual homeowners, schools and the local council.

It's perhaps funny that Mr Osborne here wishes to be seen to as supporting the claim made by his successful constituents, given his comments when delivering his budget on tackling the "compensation culture." Contrary to the advice of lead adviser Professor Ragnor Löfstedt in the government review on health and safety legislation, Mr Osborne has recently re-iterated government's plans to either "scrap or improve 84% of health and safety legislation."

Clearly all compensation claimants are equal but some claimants are apparently more deserving than others.

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