Factory Accident Claims

According to the HSE approximately 25% of fatalities to employees in 2011/12 were in manufacturing. About 15% of major injuries involved moving machinery. Food manufacturing had a reported rate of major injury that was almost twice as high as that for manufacturing as whole.

Carrs Solicitors provide specialist representation for factory workers who have been injured by an accident at work as a result of their employers’ negligence and breaches of statutory duty. We can help you claim financial compensation to seek redress for your injuries and financial loss suffered in a factory on a no win, no fee basis and offer free advice without obligation.


Employer’s Liability

Businesses owe a duty of care to workers to provide a safe place of work to institute and practice safe systems of work and to provide competent fellow employees. An employer (and therefore his indemnifying insurers) is obliged to compensate for the injury caused by the carelessness of another employee in circumstances connected with his work.

Employers are also bound to provide safe workplaces with suitable floors, traffic routes, doors, lighting and welfare facilities. Employers are obliged to ensure that work equipment is suitable for the task and well maintained and that dangerous parts of machinery are guarded and that safety systems such as interlock or automatic cut off devices function correctly and cannot be easily overridden. Employers are also obliged to ensure that adequate information supervision and training is provided for and that suitable personal protective equipment is issued for the personal use of each employee.

We have experience of employers providing misleading information to their insurers and of evidence being suppressed and have had considerable success over the years often after securing evidence that the employer never intended us to see.

In many cases employers or their insurers seek to blame an injured factory worker for ‘Contributory Negligence.’ However there is a considerable body of law largely in the claimants favour backed by Court of Appeal guidance on the correct apportionment of legal responsibility for managing health and safety at work. We understand factory processes and the documentary evidence that is available to help prove your case. We are also familiar with and effective at dealing with the concerns of fellow workers who can sometimes be reluctant to come forward to provide information or evidence in support of your case.


Making a Claim against an Employer

We understand how difficult it can be to start a legal case against a current or former employer. Our solicitors will be happy to provide free legal advice at a no obligation consultation, providing you with all the information necessary to make informed decisions every step of the way. We will always strive to maintain good relations with your employer and to achieve a constructive relationship to your benefit with their insurers.

We have many years of experience dealing with factory accident cases and have helped hundreds of clients for a variety of incidents including:

  • Slips, trips and falls due to spillages or obstructions
  • Faulty machinery, often caused by poor maintenance routines
  • Fork lift truck accidents
  • Inappropriate safety equipment
  • Entrapment accidents and amputations

Whether your injury was caused by failings in the factory operated or by the negligence of any fellow worker we strongly recommend to talk to us about taking legal action to receive the financial compensation you deserve.

You kept me fully informed and were attentive to every detail of my workplace injury claim.

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