Accidents Caused by Lack of Training Claims

If you have suffered an injury at work due to a lack of training either on your part or on the part of a fellow employee, you could be entitled to claim for compensation for your injury and to help you cover medical bills and loss of income. As a specialist work related injury solicitors, Carrs have the expertise to make your claim for compensation successful.

Employers have an obligation to ensure that all their employees are fully trained and able to perform their job in safety. Training must be provided for all equipment used and safety procedures should be known by staff in case of an emergency.

The Office for National Statistics have produced evidence that shows that the majority of serious accidents occur within the first four months of employment. Young workers are also disproportionately represented in official statistics and a lack of training and supervision is thought to be a key factor.

Workers in warehouses, factories, construction sites and farms are the most likely to suffer from such injuries whilst at work, although injuries can occur in any working environment.

Employers have a duty to provide induction training, health and safety training over a range of issues to include operating machinery and equipment and to provide refresher training on a regular basis and where necessary, remedial training which must be informed by suitable and sufficient risk assessments to take account of the individual employees levels of knowledge, experience, qualifications, background and age.

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If you have suffered injury as a result of inadequate training or a lack of safety advice get in touch with Carrs solicitors to discuss your potential claim. With over 25 years of successful claims experience, we will always give you the benefit of our hard won expertise and will guide you through the compensation process keeping you fully informed during your claim.

We act on a No win-No fee basis so there are no up front payments and nothing to pay if the case fails we only seek a contribution towards the costs of the case from any damages successfully recovered with our clients keeping the majority of the damages so they are never out of pocket and have nothing to lose.

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