Carrs win shop worker’s slip at work case after it had been dropped by Union Solicitors on advice from Counsel

We recently settled a case for a shop worker in the West Country who had to carry trays from a supermarket barbecue display to a kitchen without being provided with a receptacle to prevent grease falling to the floor.

Our client slipped sustaining injury requiring time off and incurred a loss of earnings. The employer refused to pay company sick pay and said that our client could not prove the exact cause of the slip. The previous Solicitors appointed by our client’s Trade Union and their Counsel, advised against continuing with the compensation claim.

On taking over the claim we were impressed by our Client's honesty and reasonableness and were able to persuade the Defendant Solicitors to enter into negotiations where our predecesors had failed.

Claimant's do not have to prove their case to a high degree of certainty. The applicable standard of proof required in relation to the allegations that the employer had breached Regulation 12 of the Workplace Regulations and it's comon law duty of care was on a 'balance of probabilities.'

Carrs Solicitors able to achieve an amicable settlement with the employer wthout serving court procedings.

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