Carrs Solicitors win Air Freight handler’s case

Carrs have recently achieved a four figure settlement on behalf of an Air Freight Cargo Handler who suffered a soft tissue knee injury whilst working in an airport air freight terminal facility.

Our client’s work required him to walk on a roller bed where there was a failure to set up safety railings at the side of the equipment used for access by staff.

Liability was denied in full and we commenced Court proceedings on our client’s behalf.

In the course of proceedings a request was made on behalf of our client for replies to various questions which were designed to establish the circumstances in which staff members were required as a matter of established practice to use the roller bed in the way alleged by our client.

Shortly after this the Defendant decided to enter into negotiations for the first time and a settlement was achieved on a favourable basis shortly afterwards. Sometimes it is necessary to show an opponent that your intent is serious before they are prepared to talk.

Following his settlement our client said “Thank you very much for your great help, it was always a pleasure to talk with you. You did such good work for me, thank you again.”

In polish:

“Dziekuje bardzo za pomoc,za profesjonalna obsluge i zawsze wysoka kulture osobista.”

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