Carrs Solicitors recover damages for a worker injured due a lack of risk assessment training

Carrs Solicitors have recovered compensation on behalf of a Warrant Officer/Meter Reader who was required to visit numerous customers and enter premises that were in a particularly hazardous condition.

Our client worked to strict targets and was paid on a commission basis. Although the employer could not have influenced the condition of the premises or necessarily have knowledge of their condition, this in our view placed greater emphasis upon the employers’ legal responsibility to provide adequate training. The employer should ensure that lone or unsupervised workers are given at least basic training in risk assessment, are made aware of a safe system of working and that they are not expected to take risks to their health and safety that cannot be adequately assessed.

This can be a difficult balance to achieve but where lone workers are under pressure to meet targets, it is important that employees are given at least a basic understanding of the principals of risk assessment and of the importance of putting safety first.

In this case the employer had completely failed to provide training and was held accountable for the injury and loss sustained by our client as a result.

A previous more generalised personal injury firm had reviewed the case, taken Counsel’s opinion but subsequently rejected it. We were delighted to be able to assist the client in securing redress after serving Court proceedings and achieving a negotiated settlement with the Defendant’s legal representatives.

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