Work Accident Claims: Top 5 Hazardous Jobs

 Apr 18, 2011

At Carrs Solicitors, we have years of experience helping clients claim compensation for accidents at work. Our specialist knowledge has helped people make successful claims across a wide range of industries.

Read on to discover the top five jobs to result in accident claims in the UK and what you should do if you have been injured at work.

1. Construction Work Accidents

Construction workers are faced with occupational hazards at all times. Accidents can occur through slips and trips, machinery or poor health and safety precautions. A need for regular risk assessments is often ignored, which puts thousands of workers at unnecessary risk.

Other compensation claims include:

  • Falling compensation claims (From heights - scaffolding, roofs and windows.)
  • Accidents involving machinery
  • Falling objects or debris striking workers.
  • Exposure to asbestos

2. Agriculture Industry Compensation

Agriculture continues to top the list as the industry with the most work fatalities. This has resulted in thousands of people claiming for accidents every year.

Our work accident solicitors have made successful claims for:

  • Machinery compensation claims
  • Moving vehicle accidents
  • Exposure to unsafe chemicals

3. Manufacturing Accident Claims

Dangerous machinery, heavy goods and busy environments all contribute to the high number of manufacturing accidents.

Claims we have won for manufacturing workers include:

4. Warehouse workers

Factories and warehouses can be hazardous environments due to the amount of machinery and equipment.

The most common warehouse injury claims are:

5. Office Accidents

Believe it or not, a large number of work accidents take place in the office.

Here are some office work accident claims we have won:

  • Trips and Slips compensation
  • Lifting injuries and accidents
  • Repetitive strain compensation claims

Work Accident Compensation Claims

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