Carrs Work Injury Solicitors Win £41K for Goods Driver

 May 3, 2010

Carrs Solicitors of Bolton has recently recovered over £41,000 in compensation for Mr Roy Nelson, a professional HGV driver from Par, Cornwall after he suffered a falling injury at work.

Mr. Nelson was on a construction site delivering roof trusses that had been stacked vertically on the back of a flatbed truck. Because of uneven ground at the building site, workers had to unload the heavy trusses by hand using a method with which Mr. Nelson was unfamiliar.

Furthermore, the trusses were the same length as the bed of the truck meaning that during the unloading process there was no room for Mr Nelson to stand to the side of the trusses.

The consignment of trusses collapsed and as Mr. Nelson attempted to jump clear, he fell off the truck. Although he did not fall from a great height, he sustained a fractured vertebra, collarbone and ribs.

Carrs Solicitors of Bolton, a specialist work related personal injury firm, accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, was instructed by him on a no win no fee basis to help him obtain compensation for his construction site injury.

Managing Partner John Carr, an expert in construction site injury claims, explains, "Most falling injuries occur at heights below 10'. Although a worker may not fall far, he has less time to react and is more likely to land badly. Had the truck bed been long enough, Mr Nelson could have stood to the side of the trusses while unloading, and had adequate training been provided, the injury could have been easily avoided.”

After early denials of liability, offers to settle followed and were ultimately increased by 65% and a full admission of liability made in relation to breaches of the Work at Height Regulations. Carrs Solicitors then assisted in setting up a compensation trust for Mr. Nelson.

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