Accidents at Work: The Statistics

 Apr 16, 2011

Is your work putting you at risk? The HSE has released last year's statistics of work place injuries. The figures show a detailed report on all work accidents and show a significant decrease in injuries and fatalities.

It is encouraging to see such improvement, but is it really enough? At Carrs, our solicitors know that occupational injury cases continue to be one of the most common sources of compensation. Many businesses are still failing to follow basic health and safety precautions, and the effects can be devastating. An example of this is the agriculture and construction industries, which still account for a considerable amount of fatalities every year.

So, are these figures reassuring, or have we still got a long way to go?

Occupational Injury: The Facts & Figures

Accidents at work

5.1 Million: This is how many days were lost due to injury in the workplace.

1.3 Million: The number of people affected by illness due to their occupation.

152: The amount fatal accidents that occurred at work.

233,000: The number of reported work injuries

Most Common Work Injuries

Fatal Work Injuries: Industry

Agriculture: 8 fatal injuries per 100 workers

Construction: 42 fatal work injuries

Manufacturing: 25 fatal work injuries

The figures continue to show high numbers of injury in the workplace, many of which could have been prevented. Although stricter safety procedures have lowered the number of injuries and fatalities, this is only making it more important to claim compensation for a work injury. 

Accidents at Work: Making a Compensation Claim

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of their employees, if this is not honoured you could have the right to claim compensation. Pursuing a work injury claim will highlight the dangers of high risk industries and continue to lower these statistics.

If you have experienced any sort of work injury, do not hesitate to contact a work injury lawyer at Carrs Solicitors. Our occupational injury team are available to offer advice on all areas of work injury claims.

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