Carrs Win Ware House Accident Claim after Case Rejected by previous Law Firm and Counsel

Carrs Solicitors have recently settled a claim on behalf of Mr G a warehouse supervisor from Kent who was injured whilst attempting to de-stack a pallet when he was struck by a falling sink unit that had recently been offloaded from a shipping container. Read more

Carrs Solicitors Win claim for Senior Scaffolding Engineer injured in construction site fall

Carrs Solicitors have recently settled a claim for Mr D a senior scaffolding engineer involved in a complex scaffold construction at a site in Central London for a six figure sum. Read more

Carrs Solicitors have won significant compensation for manual handling claims

In two recent cases Carrs Solicitors have won significant compensation for workers involved in accidents resulting from unsafe systems of work for heavy lifting. Read more

Carrs win Construction Worker's head injury case.

Carrs Solicitors have recently won a compensation claim in relation to head injuries sustained by a construction worker Mr C as a result of an employee of a main contractor causing heavy objects to fall from height contrary to the contractor’s obligations Read more

Carrs Solicitors help a catering worker receive compensation for tripping accident claims

Carrs Solicitors have recently acted for a Catering Assistant Mrs C who sustained a fractured scaphoid as a result of tripping in a busy kitchen when a large container was unexpectedly left on a busy pedestrian traffic route just behind a work top by a colleague. Read more

Carrs win personal protective equipment cases

Carrs Solicitors have recently won two cases involving failure to provide protective equipment. In one case Mr R who works in the construction industry sustained a serious hand wound due to his employer’s failure to provide suitable gloves. His job required him to repeatedly lift heavy objects over a sharp edged security perimeter fence without being supplied protective gloves. Read more

Carrs Solicitors win Occupational Asthma compensation claim

Carrs Solicitors have recently won a claim for compensation for Baker’s asthma on behalf of a client who worked at the in store bakery of a large supermarket. Read more

Carrs Solicitors settle asbestos compensation claim

Carrs Solicitors recently settled a claim on behalf of the Estate of a late individual who worked for a company that had caused significant asbestos exposure to its staff over many years up to and including the early 1970s. Read more

Carrs Solicitors recover damages for a worker injured due a lack of risk assessment training

Carrs Solicitors have recovered compensation on behalf of a Warrant Officer/Meter Reader who was required to visit numerous customers and enter premises that were in a particularly hazardous condition. Read more

Carrs Solicitors win a fall from height case after appealing against a Manchester County Court decision

Our client had been instructed to carry out significant repairs to a shop front using ladders, a job that was due to take place over the course of one to two days. Read more

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