Serious Injury Compensation Claims

Carrs Solicitors offer specialist work related injury representation, advice and assistance to clients throughout England and Wales.  We can help you or a member of your family to secure compensation for serious injuries suffered in the workplace.

We act on a No win-No fee basis so there are no up front payments and nothing to pay if the case fails we only seek a contribution towards the costs of the case from any damages sucessfully recovered with our clients keeping the majority of the damages so they are never out of pocket and have nothing to lose.

Types of Serious Injury Claim?

Serious injury claims typically involve the following types of injury:

We deal with serious accidents of any kind and even if you were partly at fault and contributed to your accident we can claim compensation for your injuries.

It is essential that you seek independent specialist legal advice following a serious injury at work and try to act as quickly as possible – remember that an insurance firm will be able to have lawyers ready to visit an accident site very swiftly and prepare to defend a claim.


We will come to see you within 24 hours and will ensure that your interests or those of your relative are being protected and where apprprioate evidence preserved from the outset. 

Contact Carrs Solicitors

If you would like to speak to an experienced serious injury lawyer regarding a potential serious injury compensation claim, call John Carr at Carrs Solicitors on 01204 496898 during or out of office hours, or e-mail us.