Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

If you have suffered a repetitive strain injury at work you may be entitled to make a no win, no fee compensation claim where it has been proven t have been caused byan remployers breah of their duty of care.

Repetitive strain injuries are caused by repetitive movement, overuse or prolonged stresses from working in a poor ergonomical posture resulting in pain in the muscles nerves and tendons of the affected area. 

Conditions such as bursitis, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are all forms of repetitive strain injury, causing much pain and discomfort for those who suffer from them.

The symptoms of repetitive strain injuries can sometimes take months or even years to appear. Over time the problem can become more severe with pain being felt at the slightest movement, causing difficulty when performing the repetitive tasks which initially caused the injury.

The conditions themselves affect many in the construction injury through the prolonged use of vibrating equipment or time spent on a production line. Those who work in office environments are also at risk if they spend long periods of time sat in uncomfortable positions without regular breaks. Many of the injuries we see relate to exacerbation or acceleration of the onset of sypmtoms relating to an underlying condition unrelated to the client's work. The employer may nevertheless be legally responsible for bringing forward or worsening the symptoms of an underlyng constitutional condition where this has been caused by their neglect.

Making a claim

Employers  have a duty under Regulation 4 of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 to avoid staff having to perform manual handling tasks likely to cause injury where they can be performed by mechanical means and where this is not reasonaly practicable to reduce the risk of injury from such tasks to the lowest level reasonably practcable.

It is the employer’s responsibility to encourage employees to take precautions to prevent injuries from developing, such as taking sufficiently regular breaks from the production line or their computer desk and rotation of tasks providing sufficient numbers of fellow workers to perfom a task and to provide suitable information and training. They also have duty not only to be attentive to the warnings or complaints  given by the workforce or individual workers that they are developing pain or other injury symptoms from the tasks or workstations allocated to them but to be proactive and enquire into the risks inherent in the work of their undertaking. 

We act on a No win-No fee basis so there are no up front payments and nothing to pay if the case fails we only seek a contribution towards the costs of the case from any damages sucessfully recovered with our clients keeping the majority of the damages so they are never out of pocket and have nothing to lose.


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