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Because Carrs Solicitors are experts in the field of workplace injury claims and work related disability or illness claims we can take the stress and hassle out of finding a specialist personal injury solicitor and then finding out how much specialist experience of work injury claims they actually have. Our aim is to ensure that you are fully compensated and given rehabilitation services at the insurers expense as quickly as possible with a minimum of inconvenience.

Am I Entitled to Make a Claim?

If you have suffered an accident in the workplace that wasn't your fault, or have developed an occupational illness due to a breach of duty of your employer or another party it is likely that you will be able to make a claim. Even if the accident was the result of the actions (whether or not intentional) of another employee, you may still be entitled to make a claim.

Carrs Solicitors act on a no win, no fee basis, meaning that we do not charge you if the claim fails. If the claim succeeds we seek a contribution from our client's damages with the majority of the award going to our client. Remember this is only if you win so you will never be out of pocket. 


In claims relating to mesothelioma we make no deductions from our clients' damages and the client keeps 100% of the award because the courts have held that the insurer must pay all of the claimants costs  in these cases.

How Do I Commence My Work Place Compensation Claim?

The first meeting we have with you is very important as it helps us establish and to explain to you the merits of your case from a legal perspective, as well as any evidential and procedural considerations, the likely level of damages and time scales. We will ask you for a full account of the event, any evidence you may have and the names of any witnesses.

If your claim relates to occupational illness or work related ill health, we will ask you for a full account of your health problems, and the contact details of doctors or health professionals involved in your medical treatment.

We can then begin contacting the relevant parties and initiate the claim procedure.

Home visits can be arranged within 24 hours

 To speak to a work place Claims solicitor with specialist experienced in claiming for office accidents today about making a No Win No Fee claim, call us 01204 496898 or e-mail us and we will promptly call you back.