Occupational Asthma Claims

Carrs solicitors are experts in workplace injury and occupational illness claims. If you have developed asthma due to breathing in dusts, gases, fumes and vapours in the workplace you could be entitled to compensation from your employer.  Asthma sufferers have to deal with their condition every day and it is a serious condition that can stop you doing the simplest of tasks, ultimately leaving some sufferers unable to work. Symptoms include:

  • Sever shortness of breath
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Chest tightness

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Occupational asthma is an allergic reaction that can occur in some people when they are exposed to substances, for example flour or wood dust in the workplace. These substances can cause a change in people’s airways, making them hypersensitive. Not everyone who becomes sensitised goes on to develop asthma. However once the lungs become hypersensitive, further exposure to a substance, even at low levels, can cause an asthma attack.

There are several jobs with high rates of occupational asthma:

  • Baker
  • Woodworker
  • Vehicle spray painter
  • Agricultural workers
  • Engineering workers
  • Factory workers

For those diagnosed with the condition simple tasks such as walking up the stairs result in severe shortness of breath and a great deal of pain. Sufferers are often not able to go back to work because of the condition and in many cases find themselves unemployable in many industries. If your employer has not taken the correct precautions to prevent you being exposed to substances which cause occupational asthma, you could make a claim against them for being negligent.

Making a claim

At Carrs solicitors we have significant experience in workplace injury and illnes cases and occupational asthma claims. We will work hard to help you receive the compensation you deserve, allowing you to recover damages for your illnesss and all expenses and losses incurred due to time off work.

We operate on a no win, no fee basis. This means that we do not make any charge for our services if the claim fails. We do not ask for any up front payments and only seek a contribution to our costs from any damages awarded with the majority going to our clients. Our clients are not put to any financial risk and are never out of pocket. Carrs offer free legal advice during an initial consultation, without any obligationto go ahead. If you decide to go ahead with your occupational asthma claim Carrs solicitors will guide you through the whole process, ensuring you are always well informed and given the best advce at every step throughout the claims process.

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