Warehouse Accident Claims

Carrs Solicitors offer specialist solicitor representation and over 18 years experience of winning warehouse accident compensation claims which have led to injuries caused by slipping and tripping, falls, falling objects, defective work equipment, forklift trucks, reversing vehicles or straining injuries caused by heavy lifting.

If you have been injured in a warehouse accident, we can provide free specialist advice 7 days a week about making a no win no fee work accident claim under the appropriate employer's liability insurance policy.

Employer's liability

Employers have a duty to undertake suitable and sufficient risk assessments of their warehouse facilities to provide adequate training, safe plant and equipment and a safe system of work, competent fellow employees, adequate personal protective equipment and appropriate supervision in view of the many potential hazards within the warehousing and logistics industry. If you have suffered injury while working in a warehouse in circumstances where one or more of these duties have been breached, it may be possible to claim compensation from the company operating the warehouse or employing the person who caused the accident whether or not this is your own employer.

Make a compensation claim

Carrs Solicitors bring many years of experience of winning cases involving warehouse accident claims. We understand these environments well and have won many cases with and without the support of engineering evidence. We operate on a no win no fee basis, meaning in the case that the legal costs are recovered from the other side's insurers and that regardless of the outcome of your case no payments are required from you and no deductions are made from your damages. 

Home visits can be arranged within 24 hours for free initial consultation with no obligation to continue. Our service is free whether or not you are a Trade Union member or a member of a legal expenses insurance scheme. You have a free choice of solicitor and do not have to use a panel solicitor.

To speak to an experienced warehouse accident claims solicitor call Carrs Solicitors any day of the week whether during or out of office hours on 0800 587 0746. Alternatively again you may e-mail us and we will respond promptly with a free assessment of your warehouse accident claim.