Industrial Accidents

If you have been injured in an Industrial accident, which was primarily the fault of another party, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim on a no win no fee basis.

Carrs Solicitors team of dedicated lawyers have vast experience in providing independent representation and recovering damages for clients who have sustained industrial injuries in the mining, quarrying, manufacturing, construction, logistics and healthcare sectors. Our expertise, attention to detail and dedication enable us to secure the best possible evidence so as to be able to win at trial or have the strongest negotiating position.

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How we can help

Carrs Solicitors regularly pursue compensation cases on behalf of our clients who have been injured in industrial accidents arising from unsafe systems of work, negligent colleagues or breaches of the above regulations.

In the case of catastrophic injury claims it has been our experience that the blanket of sympathy and well wishes from employers can often occur whilst discrete attempts are made concurrently to protect the employers and insurer’s financial interests against those of the injured party. Whilst the charm offensive is under way attempts are sometimes being made to sanitize the accident scene and records. It should be kept in mind that employers are bound to act in accordance with the terms imposed by their insurers and the insurers make use of advice from their legal representatives aimed to protect their interests against the person seeking redress from the outset. Sometimes the offers of support are rapidly followed by offers of early settlement well under the claims true value. In such circumstances clients need the best advice and independent legal representation of their interests to secure evidence and to protect their interests.

Making a Claim for an Industrial Accident

If you are unsure about whether you can claim for an industrial accident, we would always advise you to talk to us before deciding whether to take any further action. Employers and their insurers have a head start and it is important to ensure that your interests are protected at the earliest possible stage.

We can offer the hard won experience of many years the skills and the commitment needed to succeed in making a successful industrial injury claim. We represent the injured party on a No Win - No Fee basis so the client is never out of pocket: There are no up front fees and a contribution is only asked from damages actually recovered with the vast majority going to the client.

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Home visits can be arranged within 24 hours and you can call to speak to a solicitor with specialist industrial accident experience at any time whether or not in office hours by calling on 01204 496898 or e-mail us and we will promptly respond with our assessment of your case.