Forklift Truck Accidents

Forklift trucks account for approximately 24% of workplace transport accidents every year, often as a result of inadequate training, inadequate supervision, and poor organisation of traffic routes in the workplace or the negligence of fellow employees. Further causes of accidents can be unsafe workplaces, unsafe systems of work, and unsuitability of the forklift truck for the task or environment or defective work equipment.  According to the HSE in 2004/05 there were 68 fatalities involving forklift trucks.

Strict guidelines are in place to ensure every member of staff who uses heavy machinery are properly trained and qualified to ensure they are used safely and correctly. These measures are vital in protecting the forklift truck operator and their co-workers, as well as reducing the likelihood of an accident.

If you have suffered an injury in a forklift truck accident at work, which was caused by the lack of care of your employer or another party then you could be entitled to take legal action against your employer.

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Carrs specialist solicitors have years of experience representing clients who have suffered due to a forklift accidents usually in warehouse premises ( the operation of which we are familiar with) as well as helping those who have been injured by other work vehicles including pole trucks, reach trucks and Automatic Guided Vehicles.

You could be entitled to bring a personal injury claim against your own employer and/or the employer of the person who caused the forklift truck accident - even if you are partly to blame - provided we can show that the primary cause of the accident was another person who owed you a legal duty of care.

Employers are required by law to take out insurance cover against an accident, including insurance for accidents and injuries caused by forklift trucks and other vehicles. We have recovered damages for many of our clients where:

  • The driver did not have enough training to operate the forklift truck safely
  • A co-worker's negligence led to an accident
  • The driver did not have a safe traffic route or did not use the safe traffic route
  • Unsuitable or defective equipment contributed to the accident
  • The employer did not provide a safe system of work or competent staff

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