Forklift Accidents

Due to the expansion of logistics and warehousing activity lift truck sales have doubled in the 10 years to 2019. Accidents with forklifts, pole trucks, reach trucks and automatic guided vehicles are also on the rise accounting for almost a quarter of workplace transport injuries. In more than half of these cases the injured parties are pedestrians. 

Where a forklift accident could have been prevented but for poor organisation of traffic routes, negligent operation, unsuitable site features, unsafe systems of work, unsuitability of the equipment for the task, defective equipment, removal of guarding, lack of supervision or training there may be an entitlement to compensation.

Employers or other parties operating the equipment, maintaining it or the occupiers of the site where the accident occurs all owe a duty of care in law to those foreseeably placed at risk.

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How we can Help

Carrs solicitors have gained over 20 years' experience in successfully representing clients who have suffered injury due to forklift accidents caused by third party negligence.

Employers have a statutory duty to take out insurance cover for accidents caused by any of their workforce and occupiers of sites where non-employees may be at risk of injury from forklift operation invariably have public liability insurance cover also.

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