Scaffolding Accident Claims

If you have been injured in a scaffolding accident whilst at work, contact the specialist work accident lawyers at Carrs Solicitors. We regularly help people injured in scaffolding accidents claim the financial compensation they deserve for their injuries, helping them pay medical bills, rehabilitation fees and bills incurred during a period spent out of Work.

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Common Scaffolding Accidents

Working on scaffolding can be extremely dangerous, particularly if an employer provides inadequate maintenance or supervision. Scaffolding accidents that commonly result in construction site accident claims include:

  • Hit by Falling Objects: If a heavy object is knocked from scaffolding or the scaffolding itself collapses, injuries to those below can be severe.
  • Falls from Height: Scaffolding accident claims often involve falls from height, caused by incorrectly installed scaffolding or inadequate supervision of those working on scaffolding.

Safety Requirements

If you suspect that a breach of any of the below safety measures was directly responsible for your scaffolding accident, contact the construction site accident lawyers at Carrs Solicitors as soon as possible.

  • Scaffold boards must meet British Standard BS2482
  • If the scaffolding is more than two metres above the ground, sufficiently strong barriers should be installed to prevent falls from height.
  • Boards must be kept clear to reduce the risk of heavy objects falling and hitting passers-by and construction site workers below.
  • Ladders must be secured and properly maintained.
  • Scaffolding should be erected on a firm and level surface.
  • Scaffolding requires weekly inspections in order to ensure it is safe and secure.

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