Accidents at Work Claims

No matter what type of working environment you are in, an accident can occur at anytime, anywhere. We are all at risk, whether you are on a construction site, working in an office or researching in a lab, or drive for a living there is always going to be hazards which could potentially lead to accident.

Claiming for an Accident at Work

When making a claim for an injury at work you should choose a specialist solicitor with a proven track record in work place injury claims.

Carrs Solicitors provide specialist representation, years of experience from a variety of industrial and commercial settings, out-of-hours availability and a friendly approachable service to all of our clients.

Our team of dedicated solicitors have handled a significant number of accidents at work cases, and have gained experience dealing with claims from wide variety of job sectors including:

To receive an estimate of how much you could receive after taking legal action, use our compensation calculator to see a list of injuries.

Employer’s Liability

Employers have a duty to ensure so far as reasonably practicable the safety of employees and other persons under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The ‘Six Pack’ health and safety regulations are designed to promote a consistent minimum standards approach to health and safety whereby risks are assessed and wherever possible eliminated at source. There is a hierarchy of measures with collective measures and physical barriers  etc taking precedence over reliance on individual training and vigilance and reliance upon suitable personal protective equipment being regarded as a last line of defence.

If your employee has failed to abide to these legal requirements, an incident is far more likely to occur, the consequences of which can have a significant impact on the victims life. If you are a lone worker or work in a job that has a great deal of repetition the employer has a duty to invest in regular training , refresher training and behavioural training to do all  that is reasonably practicable to ensure that  safe systems of work are  operated

At Carrs we have specialist knowledge of many types of accident and working environment and can assist you in deciding as to whether your employer has looked after your safety to the extent it is legally obliged to do under the various regulations that are intended to set a basic minimum standard.

If you have had an accident in the course of your employment which has resulted in an injury, you could be entitled to take legal action on a no win no fee basis.

How we can help

Our specialist solicitors offer free, impartial advice on the merits of your workplace injury claim, possible compensation levels, the likely timescale of your case and any related employment law issues seven days a week, including evenings.

We can advise you on the types of damages you can claim which have caused you pain and suffering as a direct result of your accident as well as providing a helping hand every step of the way

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