Accident at Work Claims  

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We have specialised in accident at work claims since 2009. We are based in Bolton and represent clients throughout England and Wales. All meetings and medical appointments are local to our clients.

We are not a claims management company or a call centre or generalist panel firm. We provide a personal service with expert solicitor representation from first contact.  Many of our cases arise from client recommendations.

Our experience of the health and safety demands of a vast range of work environments and of the tactics used by equally specialist opponents gives us an advantage but greater cooperation with each client is key to our success.

Our approach is to listen to and work closely with each client to identify the key issues and then to pursue each case consulting with our clients at every stage with the best expert witnesses and outstanding counsel.

As accident at work claims specialists around 1 in 4 of our successful cases follow denials of liability. Some of the defended cases we succeed with have previously been abandoned by other representatives.  In many cases our clients also win disputes over medical causation or damages valuations.

Accident at work claims are frequently met with allegations of 'contributory negligence.' Here also we believe that a far more personal approach to other areas of personal injury law is called for.

The interaction in work accident claims between Negligence and Health and Safety Regulations, Approved Codes of Practice, HSE and other guidance from trade bodies, equipment manufacturers etc, in addition to evidence as to the custom and practice or culture at each individual client's workplace favours working closely with a specialist solicitor over the less personal, bulk processing, case management software approach favoured by many firms.

We also have the expertise and experience required in catastrophic injury claims to recover each client's full entitlement to compensation taking into account the best expert evidence in support of claims for injuries, treatment, adaptations, loss of income (including loss of opportunity), care, rehabilitation and benefits.

Carrs Solicitors provide work injury specialist solicitor representation for each client from the outset with continuity of representation throughout the entire claim. We listen to our clients and provide a friendly and highly contactable service during or out of office hours to keep them fully informed and without using jargon. 

We can arrange home visits within 24 hours of being contacted but we are just as able to take instructions and advise clients  remotely by telephone,  email and by letter respecting social distancing for our clients and their witnesses' safety throughout the life of their compensation claim.

Working with ordinary people

We understand the concerns that many clients have concerning their livelihood and will always put their interests first when advising and representing them.

Claiming against an employer a contractor who provides work can be daunting, even when their liability is insured. We will always listen to the concerns of our clients and suggest practical steps and seek the best solution for each case. Where our clients face possible unfair treatment at work we can advise them regarding their wider employment rights and strategies to protect their position at work while asserting their right to fair compensation.

While progressing each case we act constructively towards our client's opponent, their insurers and legal representatives inviting realistic settlement negotiations wherever possible and in accordance with our clients' instructions. At the same time we prepare each case on the footing that it may have to go to court. 

Defendants and their insurers have greater resources than an individual injured worker and have a further initial advantage in terms of access to evidence/records. The law redresses the imbalance through the Civil Procedure Rules and protocols requiring for instance disclosure of relevant records. 

We explore the possible options for funding each case with every client to include pre-existing legal expenses insurance or union membership. If that isn't an option we offer 'no win- no fee' representation which doesn't involve any up-front payments, but a 'capped' success fee only to be taken from any compensation recovered at the conclusion  of the case and we advise each client regarding the option of taking out 'after the event' legal expenses insurance.  Our 'no win- no fee' arrangements designate the lion's share of damages to the client.

In common with all solicitors offering no win-no fee representation we would not be paid if we lose. Many other law firms respond by paying claims marketing companies to supply 'leads' and then use unqualified staff to bulk process claims while keeping client interaction  to a minimum - quantity over quality.

By contrast we value client choice, specialism and individual client service more highly. 

The additional insight we gain by getting to know our clients who are often from the same workplace as colleagues for whom we have successfully claimed in the past, tends to reverse the initial advantage from the employer and their insurers. We believe this approach makes the accident at work claims process a better experience for the client and makes all the difference in the results achievable.

If you are looking for personal service from a dedicated specialist solicitor who will take personal responsibility for your matter we would suggest asking the following type of questions in your search:

"Is this a genuine Solicitors' Practice or is it a Claims Management Company or call-centre trading claims to solicitors who pay for their marketing services?"

"Does a genuine solicitor's law firm I am considering have the expertise required in my case?'" 

"Will I be represented by a qualified lawyer throughout my case?" and "Did I speak to the individual solicitor who would represent me or to a colleague?

"Was the lawyer friendly and approachable? Did they listen attentively and take a genuine interest in my concerns including any employment law, housing and immediate financial position and give helpful advice?"

"Did they understand the technicalities of my work, the responsibilities of the different parties involved, the site layout, the mechanics of my injury and identify the appropriate health and safety breaches?"

"Did they demonstrate insight as to my injury/medical condition/treatment and disability, the effects on the activities I love and the implications for my capacity for work and long-term employment prospects?"

"Did they give clear advice regarding the funding options available in my case?" 

"Will they personally come out to see me?" 

 "Would I trust this person with responsibility for gathering good quality witness statements from colleagues possibly fearing victimisation at work with appropriate empathy and diligence?" 

"Would they show initiative in the gathering of urgent evidence such as post-accident site photographs?"

"Is winning my case as important to them as it is to me?" and

"Will the same person handle my case from start to finish?"

We are signatories to the Law Society Diversity and Inclusion Charter and seek to serve clients of every gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.

If you have been injured in an accident at work and would like to discuss bringing a successful claim and protecting your employment rights with our personal and specialist service please call John Carr at Carrs Solicitors for free confidential advice today on 01204 496898.

Alternatively, please fill in our online enquiry form. To give you some idea of the amount of compensation recoverable for a particular type of injury at work please visit our Work Injury Compensation Calculator.