Carrs Solicitors Work Injury Specialist Lawyers.  

Carrs Solicitors is a dedicated industrial injury and occupational illness claims law firm in Bolton, North West England, bringing to bear 25 years’ hard-won expertise in work accident litigation to each new compensation claims case we take on.

Carrs Solicitors have in-depth experience and understanding you can count on with your compensation and accident claims. Our knowledge covers: the working environments of many industries; the cultures that go with them; how things can go wrong; the legal framework that is intended to protect the worker; the evidence we are entitled to see and what to do when it has been withheld.

We are driven by an interest in getting to the bottom of each client's matter and gaining full redress, whether they have experienced an injury or accident at work. We do this through negotiation, mediation and the courts using the very best medical and other experts and counsel.

We succeed in many injury and accident compensation claims cases following denials by employers somewhere previous representatives have failed or given up.  In many cases we also succeed in relation to disputed legal and medical causation and in relation to disputed damages valuations. Here again knowing the pitfalls makes a vast difference to the compensation award.

We understand how differently the issue of contributory negligence should be dealt with an injury at work case where statutory duties have been breached than in other types of personal injury claim. How this issue is handled can drastically affect the damages awarded.

Many of our clients are the victims of life changing injuries and we have the expertise and experience in handling catastrophic injury and accident claims to ensure that we recover the maximum compensation for the inured party or their family, to include past and future losses, interim payments, rehabilitation and benefits.

Carrs Solicitors provide specialist solicitor representation for every client and continuity of representation throughout their compensation claims case. We are highly contactable and keep our clients fully informed explaining the options and advising without unnecessary jargon at each stage of their claim.

We arrange home visits within 24 hours of being contacted and provide evening and weekend telephone contact facilities as part of our support to clients throughout the injury and accident compensation claims process.

Helping Ordinary People

There can be a perceived stigma associated with making an accident claim even though the employer's liability is insured. However, this should never deter a genuine claimant injured at work from protecting their legal interests which are quite distinct from those of the employer and their insurers.

We prepare each accident compensation case on the footing that it may have to go to trial, but always act constructively and with professional courtesy towards our client's employers, and their insurers and legal representatives, to achieve the best results with the minimum of disruption.

To bring a claim we do not require any payments, but a contribution to our fees is sought from the compensation successfully recovered at the end of the case with the lion's share of the damages always going to the client.

A key question every injury and accident at work claimant should ask at the outset is: 'Can this law firm win my case?'

As signatories to the Law Society Diversity and Inclusion Charter we welcome clients from all backgrounds regardless of gender, ethnic, or religious background or sexual orientation.

If you have been injured in an accident at work and would like to discuss how to bring a successful claim with no obligation to go ahead, please call Carrs Solicitors for free advice today on 01204 496898.

Alternatively, please fill in our online enquiry form. To give you an idea of the amount of compensation recoverable for a particular type of injury at work please visit our Work Injury Compensation Calculator.